We could be the ideal partner to plan or implement a product: aspects as Time to Market or Return of Investment are part of our company know-how, they allow us to support technically our customer from the strategic choices to the arrival on market.

  The long experience of our team in real-time applications and in operational centre together with the research component on new technologies allows us to implement very complex, performant, and technologically advanced systems. At present Qbota team is involved in the development of enterprise systems with high standard of operation, destined to the automotive market and to the system automation market.

  Other market where Qbota operates, thanks to the multi-annual experience of its planners and graphics team, is Internet. Following the innovative spirit accompanying every Qbota project, the team is developing a new way to offer solutions for the Firms; soon available info at News section.

  The development of partnership belongs to the Qbota strategy also. Companies that work in complementary branches of Internet Market like communication and advertising, can complete them offer selling Qbota solutions for web world.
  To know more www.webnoproblem.it.

  If you're interested in taking note of the developing projects you may ask for the restricted area login parameters by writing to the following address : info@qbota.com or by compiling the form in the contact area.

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