High Availability
   We plan and implement systems which have to guarantee high standards of continuity.
   We are able to organize geographically distributed architectures and to solve data aspects replication.
   We implement and equip operational centre by training qualified staff for the sistemistic management.

 Internet & Wireless
   We plan and implement either informative or e-commerce Internet portals for big volumes of users.
   We can solve aspects connected to mutli-accessibility that allow to operate either from Web or from mobile telephones, handhelds-pc and smartphones.
   Together with this know-how we add test on third generation wireless technologies (3G) in order to provide our customers with more and more innovative and complete solutions.

   We plan and implement territorial systems with GIS technologies (Geographic Information Systems) together with GPS (Global Positioning System) localization technology.
   Our territorial or geographical systems may be developed in order to solve specified needs connected to the transport fleet management, logistics management (supplies, deliveries, warehouse) and to the environmental check by respecting when requested the compatibility with the OpenGis standard for the inter-operability and the communication with other system respecting the same standard.

 System Integration
   The competences acquired on various hardware platforms, operational systems, software architectures, networking technologies and data electronic exchange allow us to implement applications and systems which could be integrate with the existing company applications of different type: systems for company book-keeping, CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) or ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).

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